Moving around

Hey there, I´ve been using Shapr3d more an more lately for architecture, and I’m pretty surprised what I can do with it even I’m still new to program. problem I have is when i have to “move camera” in space and it can be all over the place, going into stuff, going thru walls or just entering into room and turning “camera”, view to left or right. Camera goes right thru wall. I think that the point of orbiting is way in front of “camera” (view). it would be nice if we can change that, or there is maybe a way that i did not find yet. Moving apperance from 45° to 90° helps allot and i can see more of room but like just sad its not perfect.

thanks for everything until now, really looking forward to material on window and You make me really happy by including “drawing” an new pricing for shapr3d. I dont have to use fusio360 just for drawing of my model for woodworking :smiley:
have a nice day

Hi! Welcome on board!

Is there another app (CAD or anything else) that you use and has a way of moving the camera in space that you really like?

on fusion360 for example I can put a point to rotate around, Its not the most intuitive but sometimes its nice because i can come close to the point as close I want, and on shapr3d some times I lost my self in a 3d object specially when really close or like i said when im in 3d room