Moving just part of a sketch?

So, I’m confused by sketch editing. I’ve created a circle, then an ellipse within it. If I try moving just the ellipse, it moves the whole sketch. See here.

What am I doing wrong?

I tried creating the exact same sketch and could not reproduce the error. Please can send us your design file via or by sending us a wetransfer download link here.

I have the same issue.
All sketched elements that overlap are somehow connected.
Is there a way unlock those?

I guess the issue here is that the center of the ellipse is snapped to the center of the circle, thus they move together. Just select the center point, and tap on the disconnect button.

I’m not seeing a disconnect button when I select the middle point. The ellipse definitely was created from the circle’s center point, though.

Is a Dropbox link okay?

Unfortunately you will have to deselect the ellipse itself, otherwise the badge won’t appear. This is a bug that will be fixed with the next release.

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That did the trick. Thanks!