Mug and projection struggle

I did this pattern but it was a struggle . How you guys will do it to get black stripes on the mug ?


Here’s just one way to do it.

I did it this way so that I can change the stripe colour at will.

There many other ways to do this.

EDIT: Please see my later video for an even quicker and more efficient way.

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@welshsteve solution is great as it allows to change the colors at will.
The only limitation is you can’t union the bodies to create a single body mug, as it would kill the stripes.
If you want a single body mug, you have to create an edge one way or the other, for instance as in the video.

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Alternatively, creating even a slight edge would allow the segments to be unioned and still be selectable.

Or, one could project the stripes onto a single body cup allowing each stripe to be coloured individually.

As I stated, there are numerous ways but unfortunately they’re all tedious :rofl:


After some thought, I’ve come up with much faster and more efficient solution…

No splitting into segments or creating edges. Just one solid body.

Easy to adjust colours at will.

I think @PEC will agree too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow ! Thank you :pray:
The cup at the lower part is angled, bottom is smaller in diameter than middle of the cup. Therefore I was fighting with projecting the pattern plus I was adding the pattern to the finished cup . I created separate body and “injected” in the cup. The black wide strip is separate part as this is a holder made of rubber to hold the hot cup.

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Looking forward to seeing the finished product :ok_hand:


Cool !

sön 10 juli 2022 kl. 15:06 skrev martin via Shapr3D forums <>:

mug.shapr (1.1 MB)