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Hello I am attempting to make this bracket two colors and I can not for the life of me figure out how to make it multicolored. Is there a way to make this multiple parts in Shapr3D? I’ve also exported to fusion as a step file and can’t figure out how to make it come into my slider as a multicolor object. I can make the object look how it want it with different colors but it only exports as single object still. Please help me! Thank you!

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Is this the sort of result you are looking for?

This is two separate Bodies, see the Items List: ------ This is a single Body:

Please tell us more about the Export requirements.

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That seems to be what I need, so pretty much I’ll have to remake the design from scratch but be sure to do it as two separate bodies. I’m going to try that now. Thank you. As far as exporting I normally just export as stl or obj.


Beaware that you can Colour individual Faces, this is the single Body version:

Experiment with Colouring and Exporting, if you are not satisfied with the results just shout.

Search the Forum for export as stl or obj with as many variations as possible.
Hit the Magnifying Glass Icon at top right of every Forum Page.
You may find useful information regarding the processes.

Didn’t find an answer to my question in the export as stl part of the forum … if I want to 3d print that model exactly as shown, in multiple colors, do I need to export it into multiple STL files, one for each color (basically a color separation) or can I do it as one STL file and the color information will be imbedded?


@Vak I do that quite a bit. Yes you need one STL per color. I am not aware of anyway to do that in a single STL. The first time I did it I found this helpful Get started with Cura: Printing with two colors

The way it is done is to put the two parts (colors) into their own folder. Then when you export the STL there is an option to “Save Each First-Level Item Separately”.

Then in the slicer (I use Cura) you import both parts and set the color (filament) for each part then “merge” the two parts in the slicer. You can find a Shapr project here where I made this coaster:


Meshmixer. How to Split Single Color STLs for Two-Color Prints, with Meshmixer - YouTube

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@Yepher - Thank you so much for this information! Very helpful, and I truly appreciate you giving me the benefit of your experience! - best regards … Vince

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