Music playback stopping when app is opened. (iPad)

DD: There was a similar thread but it was from 2016, and resolved at the time. I did not want to bump a 6 year old thread.

Bug: Music automatically stops playing when Shapr3D app is opened

Details: iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation); iPadOS v15.5 (19F77); Shapr3D v5.142.0.3333 #88e01d99

Easy to replicate. Have music playing (only tested with Apple Music) β†’ Open Shapr3D app β†’ Music Stops

Thank you


@dLightz No problems here, I am using the exact same setup and have no issues. Sounds like this might be specific to you. I would try uninstalling Shapr3D and reinstalling it (this usually takes care of annoying issues like this for me).

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I would not suggest uninstalling Shapr, since it also deletes all, already created designs. So if you go that route, make sure to back them up.

@Laci_K It doesn’t delete designs if you have it setup properly.

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Good to know!
Please let us know those settings.

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I have a similar problem. When listening to music or watching Netflix in the Picture in Picture mode, the playback stops when as soon as I open the Shapr3D App.

Any suggestions how to fix that?

I have the same problem

Same here, frustrating for real.