Interesting shutdown!

Shapr3d app shuts down my Web radio player. It’s a definite fact after seeing it for weeks now. What’s the cause? Can I really keep this up, I intended to have something I can actually work with…and listen to my favorite SOMA stations.
Is my Ipad Pro lacking in RAM?

What makes me hesitate about Onshape is “Cloud”, that idea is not everybodys cup of tea. Other than that it is certainly a solid product.


It depends. The RAM allocation is handled by the OS, so if you are running out of it, it can decide to kill apps to free up memory, the apps don’t have control over it.
We also had reports when audio playback apps somehow get tangled up, and refuse to work properly. Reinstalling the audio app usually solves it. We never found an issue on Shapr’s side, and suspect this is also an OS problem, since there are articles going back to 2018 about audio sometimes not working on iPad.

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I love how direct you guys are, that’s what has kept me with Shapr3d in the “preferred corner of my eye” since early on. :+1:

Like for me, devotion is Key!

Let me just ask you for an honest reply. Would you skip the Ipad and run off of Windows or Mac?

We see the iPad and desktop workflows as complementary workflows. While the platforms are feature par, the Pencil&touch workflow is usually better for the earlier stages of the design process (conceptual design, prototyping, ideation) and the mouse&keyboard workflow is usually preferred for the later stages. But it’s really a matter of taste, some people like vanilla ice cream others like chocolate. You can use both with the same subscription.