Videos continues to play after closing app

After upgrading to the new version of Shapr3D with Visualization I decided t view the announcement video since I didn’t get to watch it live. So, after watching most of it I decided to close the video but after closing the video it was still playing the audio. I thought I need to close the web window that was with in the app (well, hit done at the top left.) but the audio was still playing. Then I did what anyone would have done is close the app. This did not work. I also closed all apps hoping maybe this would work for what ever reason. Still the audio persistent, my only option was to power down the device and turn it back on. “Have you tried turning it off and on again ~ THE IT CROWD” LOL!

Here are my machine specks.

11” Apple IPad Pro M1 with 128gb.

PS. I looked all over your website and in the app to report a bug but couldn’t find any area. Maybe I just didn’t see it.

There is a setting in YouTube, which plays in the background. If this setting is on, it will play through the YouTube app until YouTube is closed.

Okay, I looked at my settings for YouTube. It was off. I’m not fretting (worried) about this problem but I just wanted the team to know that I had the issue. I’ve worked in IT long enough to try a few things to make sure it’s not me thats causing the problem. Thank for the suggestion.