My Custom Text Helper

Yikes!! I never thought that if I uninstall Shapr that all my drawings might be gone. I hope that is not the case. I guess I should starting exporting those periodically.

Yes, you want to save all designs in Shapr3D format to your Files (iCloud) folders. I use two iPads one at home, and one at the shop. The only common access I have between the iPads is via Files. All local work is lost if the App is removed.

Thank you @Yepher - after a quick play I can see many uses for this. After asking a question about text tools on the site a couple of weeks back I wasn’t hopeful of a solution but now I have one - yippee! I’ll be investigating how to put text on a curve in Shapr3d as @NathanD has done…


@mjmnz there’s no accurate AND quick way to do it that I know of, I just simply eyeballed it and placed each letter there manually…

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Thanks for the heads up @NathanD, that’ll save me going on a hunt.

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Works great! could be very useful instead of having to take a round-tour to my MacBook Pro. A humble request though; is it possible to compile it to work on iOS v13.7? I can not upgrade (on my main iPad) as I then will loose some important functionality (in an unrelated abandonware).

Thanks/ BKE

I will try and make it available for iOS 13.x+


The ornament font has a high number of line segments. I find it difficult to select all the line segments to fillet the ornament.

HI there, is it possible to make this app available on all app stores as I am in Australia?

It should be available World-Wide on iPad but I will double check,

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I was able to use this tool well. :=)
I turned an American watch into a European learning watch.
I simply edited the STL that is available on the Internet:

Here is a picture of my version:



I will definitely check this out.

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Many thanks for this very useful app. Currently, the straight-line segments on long curves, as you would find in an ‘O’ are quite long. I assumed that most fonts are defined as splines and hence the dxf version would be similar. If that’s not possible, is it possible to add a setting so that curves render at a higher resolution?
By the way, I found that the iFont app. is very good for finding and downloading fonts to the iP

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