Navigation through walls

It seems that I am not able to navigation through entities. And after I carefully navigating into the target space, I can be easily pushed out by gestures like rotating.

This seems quite frustrating as I am trying to model a building with some floors and rooms. Any suggestion? I’m new to modeling btw.


I suggest using folders for rooms or floors, and hiding them when you don’t need them from the Items menu. It will make the task easier.

Thanks for the tip!

Is there any reason making zooming in blocked by entities in front of the camera while not making zooming out blocked by entities behind the camera?

And is there shortcut revealing selected entities in folder, BTW?

All your object selected in the modelspace should be visible in the Items list as selected, and vice versa.

Camera behaviour depends on the feedback from our users, but it’s not set in stone, that’s just the way it is for now.

By revealing I mean automatically open the containing folder and scroll the selected entity into view. So that most of the time I don’t need to navigate up and down to find the selected entity in a nested folder.

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Not yet, but we are planning to implement it at a later date.