Need advice on modeling a car

Hi Group,

I scanned a car using lidar and imported it in. Created the wheels and placed a plane on the center line. Now I am stuck. Where / how do I begin modeling the body? I can’t seem to find any tutorial videos on it specifically. Any ideas?

Sheet metal is not a thing in Shapr3D.
Wrong program at this time for that IMHO.
I made sheet metal like panels by actually drawing a curved line. then using the offset tool to offset the line by a very very small amount, then closing each end (Autoclose might be nice feature to have).

Then I drew another different curve like the first. Then used the loft tool to create a sheet metal-like object. I worked okay. Klunky. Would work pretty good for a hood, a fender would be a bit harder but likely doable.

Mirror objects and lines would work well here. I can demonstrate later after chores if you like.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply!
I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Still love Shapr3D for other designs!

It rocks in many other ways. And seems to be getting better all the time.

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Shapr is a parametric solid modeler. Its not really got the organic capabilities you need for cars…

If you want to be able to symmetrically refine this crappy scan data- on an iPad- I recommend Nomad Sculpt.

I used to use Alibre Design when I was employed. It is a parametric modeler. Easy to learn from scratch for an idiot like me. It has a Sheet metal shop addon. I can’t afford that now that I’m self employed…and in the age of COVID.

I since bought Alibre Atom (yes you c an still buy programs) which has a little more functionality than Shapr3D. After trying Shapr3d, this fit the way I work perfectly. I am able to get my ideas out of my head finally. I don’t use Atom anymore.

My fear is that Shapr will sell out to Autodesk or their ilk and the price will instantly double. And it will if they do.

I live in a PC world. I did PCB, Test fixture, a little 3D case design, graphic design, etc etc etc for a small electronics co. Basically the “technical guy” because they couldn’t afford a real college educated one. You learn to make more with less.

With a Fusion 360 license going for $500/year, I doubt Shapr3D’s price would double in the short term because that would put the price within $20 of F360 and F360 is a more robust application. That’s not to say AD wouldn’t try to add F360 features and call it F360 Mobile or something like that to justify a higher price.

Whenever we changed the price, we always grandfathered existing customers (meaning that those who had a subscription already stayed on the legacy price). I can promise that this will not change anytime soon, and even if we raise the price, or come up with more tiers, the existing customers won’t be charged more.

Ps.: we still have many subscribers from 2016, paying $100/year :slight_smile:


Gravity Sketch for iPad is worth checking out! I use it on my Oculus Quest and love it! (I hope Shapr is looking at VR in the future.)

Thank you for the amazing job you and the team are doing Istvan!

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It’s just the team, I am just hanging out w them :wink:


I would process shape in external program first. After scan you have a lot of triangles that are not smooth. Seem like there is missing smoothing function and UV fit on surface in current available functionality you have there.
External free soft called Blender is the one you may want to use and its available for Linux. See some basic sculpting tutorials to see what I am talking about

you can totally do organic shapes in shapr, but the lofting is very limited. so if you dont get the correct result you cant just shift splines, they have no connection. That being said its possible. but very hard.

I have in some projects used umake for the splined areas. it imports ok, but generally cant edit much after the fact. Fusion or onshape on the ipad could also help for splines. ive requested splines and lofts for some time, but the issue gets dodged lol…

would make shapr a total killer app if they fixed the spline/loft operations and added some basic rendering like Umake. still have my fingers crossed.