Need help with practice project

Hi Everyone,

I’m just teaching myself how to CAD with Shapr3D. I have a practice project that I can’t seem to find the right tools to do what I need to do. Here is the drawing.

This is what I got so far. I’m sure I’m not doing this correctly. Can someone show the right way of doing this? Thank you in advance.

Hopefully, I uploaded the pictures correctly.

hello! i’m no professional by any means but here is a solution. you can open the screenshots by clicking on the lines with arrows:

first i sketch out the lines on the top and vertical mid plane. on your drawing it’s not clear but let’s say on the bottom left drawing the lines intersect the side edge at the middle (20mm).

step 1: sketches

then i select the following faces and use the loft tool to create my first body:

step 2: select faces of first body

step 3: use the loft tool

after hiding the body i select these other faces to create a second body:

step 4: select faces for second body

step 5: use the loft tool

make both bodies visible and use the intersect tool on them:

step 6: intersect the newly created bodies

as a last step just extrude the bottom of the intersected body:

step 6: extrude the bottom of the body

and you get the body on your drawing:


one caveat is that in stable you need to change the lines from regular to construction and back to have one face on the top plane before lofting as it cannot use multiple faces as start or end profiles. in the beta with parametric modeling you cannot do this as it’d destroy your bodies but in that you can have multiple sketch planes on the same plane so you can have the two faces at the same time.

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I made a sketch similar to yours except for the one on the side. I sketched a line at the midpoint 20mm from the top (my assumption). I just needed the 20mm offset at the corner edge in order to create a construction plane.
After that I used a series of Construction Planes (via 3 points), Split Body and Union.


Thank you for the help! Much appreciated.

Thanks Mike for breaking it down Barney style for me. It makes it easier for me to learn. Thanks again.