Newbie - Modeling question

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 7.31.53 AM
Taking Shapr3D for a spin and I truly love the iPad experience. I come from a more traditional polygonal modeling paradigm, mostly C4D.

Anyway, looking to model a simple “coat hook”. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I should approach this with a Shapr mindset?

I think use loft and mirror

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I was looking at Loft, but didn’t think about Mirror to handle the “split” hooks at the bottom.

Great idea.

I used the Loft tool. This is tricky as the shape is quite organic.
I’ll show you how I did it a little later. Gotta step out for a bit.


Let me know if any questions.
For the bottom hook, I first rotated it 45° to the left then copy-rotated to the right 90°.


Much appreciated, thanks!! I am really loving this tool. So well designed.

This is another way, what is your impression?

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Interesting. I’m new to the Shapr3d toolset. Are you using Booleans for your approach?

If you are asking me, the basic tools I used after sketches were-
Loft, Loft, move-rotate 45°, copy-rotate 90°, extrude, Union, fillet radii, Subtract, chamfer.
I used Union to combine all 3 bodies and Subtract to make the screw holes.