Need help making an accordion grill

The difficult thing in this 3d project is the corners of the grill.

Have watch a lot of Youtube videos, both Shap3r3D and others, but to no success.

After making the basic shape (shelled solid), I did a series of split bodies. One body for the square slots and a one-fifth shortened curved body to create the long radius slots which I eyeballed then made four more copies. Although not exactly accurate, it will give you an idea of one way to create this.


Thank you so much! This helps immensely!

I have the same grill (My Victoria Ars Nova xb440c) and I asked my friend to design it in 3D. How is your design working? mine looks like this. I don’t know anything about 3D design, but I hope to get a great grill, the original bends with minimal pressure