Need help with joining seperate pieces

Hey all, I’m a refrigeration/air conditioning technician and I’m using this application to design sheet metal ductwork for fabrication.

I’m having an issue with creating a “nose cone” for an aircon unit to meet existing ductwork which I have drawn in place, it is offset so it will transition from 1310x320mm to 500x300mm over a distance of 800mm…

Is there a way to draw lines between pieces as every time I attempt to do so it seems to project the line off into infinity…

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Cheers, Ethan

Sounds to me like you need to use the loft tool. Unless I’ve misunderstood you could create a circular sketch on the end of the “existing” spigot, and another on the end of the new piece you’re connecting to.
Then use the two new circular faces as your lofting faces.

I guess essentially what I’m trying to do is draw a line that projects across the X,Y & Z planes at the same time in the way that it can go from one 3D object I’ve created to another 3D object… is this at all possible?

Currently, it is not possible to create 3D sketches. Can you please upload some screenshots of the project? There should be a solution :slight_smile: