Sketching issues in general

Hi Team,
I’ve been using Shapr3D for a few weeks now, and have been surprised about things Shapr3D seems not to have that are common in other Cad packages.

Extend line option: You have a line. You have another line in the distance going across. You want to extend the line to the other line with click of a button. But no extend option?

I think you need to include a mirror option within a sketch. I have to kind of exit the sketch to mirror the lines I want. I want to do this in the sketch as I’m working. Please add.

I’m hoping that you can improve the Constraints system. I’m always adding lots of constraints, but then I often need to make changes. I’m forever getting ‘Cannot move because of locked constraint’ or something similar. I then spend ages trying to find the mysterious constraint to unlock. Sometimes I can, a lot I can’t and I end up having to delete the line and just redraw it. Can you perhaps just make all related constraints / locks show up to help us home in on them. Sometimes you can see them via the matching symbols, but a lot of the time I have no idea.

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Hi @Treefrog , thanks for your feedback. These are known issues, and we are heavily investing in making our sketch engine more robust. You can expect many improvements in the coming months.


Excellent. I am really enjoying using the product and can’t wait for it to get to the next level to help streamline my designing even more. Thanks

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