New and process is an issue for me

As title says I am trying to learn the way to make models and every time I am constantly redoing my steps because I come to a point where I modeled the wrong way. There seems to be a limited ability to adjust the measurements and you end up with no way to fix the model.
It seems to me you really have to pre-plan every step and know exactly what your going to model, measurements especially, or you’ll end up redoing most of the model. I’m thinking in terms of having a solid model with an extruded hole from an ellipses. Now I model some more and realize that’s in the wrong spot and actually the 6 I added in a circle pattern on the slid and extruded all need to be adjusted. If there was a way to go back and adjust all those by just measurements and not handles that would be great. The problem I run across is I’m constantly adding another item accidentally when looking for the measurements. So through all the fussing it’s just easier in the end to start all over.
I’m really thinking about a history type thing where you can go back and adjust a sketch and the whole model adjusts to that edit.
As I stated above I am new so maybe I just can’t find it? Getting frustrated because most models I make are not pre-planned. It’s why I use these programs. I use them to figure out the design so I don’t waste materials.
Sorry for the rant.

What you are describing is experience. We all started this way. Then after learning the hard way, you learn to plan out your drawings better. Defining planes in advance, placing specific shapes ofd in different areas, then it becomes much easier. That said, distant history on closed drawings would help.

I don’t know if I can get by it. Until they get some type of editable history I don’t think this will work for me. I need to be able to adjust while I make things. I need to be able to go back and tweak a little bit here and there. It’s just the way I do things and if I can’t then I’ll just have to stick with Fusion 360.

There are plenty of undos until you close a design, or the program. I’ve gone back over 50 times. But over time, I’ve learned to plan better, such that I only go back a few times.

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