New App BETA?

In the latest release notes. For the latest update. It said there is a new Shapr3d App coming out and that I could be part of the beta. I should have taken a screen shot. Does anyone know how I can sign up for this BETA?

Thank You

You can sign up here:

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Thank You!

The little few videos on youtube about the new version. It appears that I still can not freehand draw. Like I can in UMake. Since I have not seen a list of new feature I could be wrong. but there is very little info on the new version. I did watch a video about the App Grasshopper. So at least I know a little about what Parabolic modeling is all about.

Also, I hope parabolic modeling fixes the issue that I reported about the Union command being very limited. In my current project I had to use the Union command to Union a box, basically before I could chamfer the edges so said part would print more solidly. But then down the line there is no way to separate said panels from part after the Union. I hope this is fixed in this release.