New AR API support?

Hello everyone,

Just a quick one :wink:

How about supporting the newest AR API for 1:1 model rendering in the real life environment?

Wouldn’t that be super cool?

All the best,

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Yes pelase :slight_smile:

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I am not sure about Unity’s licensing for use in apps like Sharpr, but check this out:

no shaking, steady placement without the markers and even the lighting is adjusted to the real conditions (!!!).

Being able to view a model in the real environment (no texturing needed imo) would add a great value to the app as its perfect for quick modeling of architecture, furniture or simple machines.

I use your software to help me to convince my customers to some of our ideas, to do on-the-fly changes and so on, the rendering in real time/environment would triple the WOW factor :wink:

Please reconsider, as implementation does not seem to be that difficult and time consuming with the new ARkit .

No need for unity, we can use ARkit with our current rendering engine.