New design issues might make me leave Shapr

I’m a non-technical self-taught user of Shapr3D on iPad since COVID lockdown - 4 years I guess now. This was my first ever use of any design software.

It was great, till it wasn’t. The last 4-6 months have been so painful to use, I’ve stopped designing from 3hrs/day to maybe 3hrs/month. I’ve read through a lot of these issues in the blogs, and could be linked to the “parabolic” transition (don’t know what it means), but can’t keep track of what is/is not solved somehow. Most common & in my eyes simple are the following;

Selecting with a pen is now a nightmare. So many attempts to double click per session & can’t find anything new in settings or my technique. Why is a simple action now a barrier to progress?

Extruding from a drawing, then the lines disappear. I have to go find which set of lines I want from the items tab. Why did this need to change?

Drawing a circle, creating an item, then moving the circle drawing outline, manipulates the created item. Deleting the drawing deletes the item. 2 different cases within this afternoon. Can’t work out how to get around it.

Lots of other little quirks which are 1 off & either hard to explain or I just found ways around it, but definitely a trend.

I don’t want this to be a rant, if I’m missing something please let me know or if the shapr techs can see this please take note.

Feels like either I stop designing or stop using Shapr3d, which feels like a terrible decision either way!

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Shapr is a means to an end. Don’t let some program inhibit your ability’s, change it up and come back later if it’s not working out. But never ever ever ever, let the instrument decide what song should be played. Likewise, a hammer will always hit your hand, given the choice.


“Selecting with a pen is now a nightmare.” I thought it was just my physical disabilities slight that they are but enough to be suspect, annoying. I feel better now. I have been having problems with the pen with my Surface as well. :expressionless:

It was a nice to think/ dream that a tablet could be a 3D design/ engineering powerhouse. But I think we are seeing the edge of the cliff. Tablets are no substitute for a workstation class machines.

IMO Shapr should have forked. Shapr is expending energy on History based parametric modeling and is not delivering features that others have for some time.

I am not giving up just yet, but I have found another program… one I can purchase and own. Not well suited for pen on tablets though. :sleepy:


For me Shapr was a great quick 3d sketch modelling software for ideas. The new upgrade has made everything harder to do, slower and more buggy. Trying to grab assemblies to copy just won’t work anymore, it’s significantly slower on my pretty powerful Mac making the design process a chore. I wish we could go back to the previous non-history version.


I use it on my iPad M1, and it’s very slow. Sometimes it’s even difficult to draw a straight line, which wasn’t the case before. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with my connection to the Magic Keyboard, recent updates, or if the M1 is no longer sufficient to run the software.


Bye. What a story, there should be obituary section of this forum for such long goodbyes.

… I am back though, came back to speed up concepts generation with Shapr… cu back later as well .