New feature - 3.48, 3.49 - Import part and assembly files from SOLIDWORKS

If you use SOLIDWORKS and Shapr3D in tandem, you’re in for an early Christmas present.

You can now import the geometries of parts and assemblies that you designed in SolidWorks directly into Shapr3D. Say goodbye to the clunky process of converting SLDPRT and SLDASM projects into STEP, X_T, and IGES files just to make them Shapr3D-compatible. Just hit Import in the app and select the SLDPRT or SLDASM file (without referenced components) you need.

You can pick up where you left off in SOLIDWORKS easily—the hierarchical structure of the SLDASM file is maintained in Shapr3D.

When you open the Items manager, you’ll see the original tree of assemblies and parts is represented with an organized list of folders and nested items. If your design includes empty parts or assemblies, then those will be displayed as empty folders.

Soon, you’ll be able to import SLDASM files with referenced components, too, so stay tuned.


Any chance there will be the same import ability for solid edge?

We don’t have it planned currently, but using the Parasolid (.x_t) file format you can get seamless results.

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