Shapr3D Windows (Pro) - Cannot import SLDASM


I recently have found an old collection of models on the internet from 2013 that I would like to turn into OBJ- or FBX-files. Unfortunately, they were downloaded as SLDASM-files, plus the corresponding SLDPRTs.

While I could import and look at these files in a 3D viewer, converting them to OBJ/FBX turned out to be impossible for free, so I decided to download and purchase a subscription to Shapr3D, as it was advertised as being able to import SLDASMs and export to OBJ.

Unfortunately, when I try to import these files, they don’t show up in the file selector. SLDPRT-files can be imported and they work fine, but SLDASMs simply are not displayed - in fact, the “file extension selection box” at the bottom doesn’t even display *.sldasm as an importable type. *.sldprt is the only Solidworks-format it accepts.

Is this a bug or intended?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @ARandomTestName , I’m really sorry to hear that. It should work. Can you post a screenshot?


sure, here is the import dialogue:

The mouse hover tooltip displays all importable data types (“Alle Dateien” = “All Files”)

Sorry, forgot about tagging you in my reply

Hi, I’ve checked, and unfortunately SLDASM import is indeed not yet available on Windows. It’s coming soon, the team is working on closing all the feature gaps between Shapr3D for Windows and the other platforms.

Hi, has there been any update on this?

It’s scheduled for the release 2 weeks from now (5.240).

Correction: 5.250, in 4 weeks :slight_smile: