Does Shapr3D support assembly yet?

I created a project with multiple parts in Shapr3D but when I send the STEP file to anthor user for it to be opened in SolidWorks, SolidWorks either see it as SLDPRT or giving error “missing components” depending on if I choose the “Save Each First Level Items Seperately”. Is it not possible to send an “assembly” from Shapr3D to be opened in Solidworks and have Solidworks recognize it as a assembly instead of thinking it’s an part or getting the error.

Hey @zaxper95,

We haven’t seen this issue before, if you could share the workspace with, we would take a look.
But if you are exporting to Sokidworks, it’s strongly suggested to use Parasolid (x_t) format, as it is guaranteed to work. Both Solidworks and Shapr3D are running on the same modeling engine (Parasolid), thus in this case no data translation needed, and you will get much better results.


Thank you for the response. I tried the parasolid format. When I chose the “Save Each First Level Item separately”, it shows partname.sldprt* at the top when I open the part in solidworks but when I try to assemble the parts in SolidWorks, I am getting the error “File name entered was invalid, not found, locked or of a incompatible type”. When I export the “assembly” from Shapr3D and chose not to send item separated. SolidWorks still continue to recognize it as only a sldprt.

You shouldn’t add sldprt as an extension. Probably that’s the issue. The file extension for Parasolid files is x_t.

I didn’t this was what SolidWorks assume it is.

Super weird. Is it working with every other file except the ones you exported from Shapr3D?

Yes, but I found a work around for this issue now. The parts that I exported from Shapr3D can be saved as sldprt separately. Once I have saved them individual parts as Sldprt then I was able to assemble them in SolidWoks and save it as an assembly.

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Really waiting for that assembly and constraint capability in Shapr3D:)

Tell me…:sweat_smile: