New ipad compatiable

Is the shapr3d working with new ipad?

Yes, it is.

tried it at 03.30.2018 on the 2018 ipad - doesn’t work the app search for the ipad pro

With the next release it will, we just had to update the supported device types in the code.

Looking forward to the next update, so I can start working with pencil and iPad 6th generation. Thanks for making this awesome app free.


It’s live!

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I am extremely brand new to all of this… and am researching the purchase of a new iPad just to start with your software. I know that the software runs on all new iPads as stated… but is there a certain amount of memory that I should purchase with my new iPad?

If you’re referring to storage (32, 64 or 128 gb) - no, it doesn’t matter at all. Memory is the same for all 2nd gen iPad Pros (4 gb). The older 9.7 inch iPad Pro has 2 gb as well as the 2018 iPad. If you can afford it, I suggest you go with one of the new Pros. 4 gb of memory is just generally more future proof.