8GB or 16GB ram on the Ipad Pro (M1 or M2)

I am thinking of retireeing my Ipad Pro 12,9 from 2018.
But I´m stuck between going for the 8GB ram version (256GB and 5g) or the 1TB 16GB ram with 5G.

Not sure if the extra 1000!! Dollars is worth it. But I do want to future proof myself.

Have anyone experienced memory issues on the 8GB M1/M2 version? And why can´t just the ipad Pro have 16GB as base and 24GB ram in the top models :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think you should wait for the next iPad Pro. Because the new M2 iPad Pro is almost the same as the M1 iPad Pro, only some features like Apple Pencil hover, pro res video capture and performance are added to the M2 iPad.

It is always the same thing with the hardware - you may spend your whole life waiting for the next big thing to come, while others utilize the available tools and make great stuff.
The question you should answer yourself @Vassi_solutions is: do you miss anything with your 2018 iPad-Pro? Do you have performance-issues? Or is it the hype about the M1 and M2-processor that makes you want the new hardware?
Regarding the 8 vs. 16 GB of RAM: If money does not mean anything to you, go for 16 GB - usually I would propose to open the largest shapr-Model you made yet and check for the RAM-utilization, but I realized right now (I am new to the iPad-Game) that there seems to be no way to check for that on the iPad. :crazy_face:
It seems to a top secret information that the user is not supposed to know about! :man_detective:
I went or the 2021-model even the 2022 was available, because of the higher prices - and I think performancewise the M2-Proessor may be better, but most of the iPad-Apps have no need for that gain in performance.
After all I’d say, that you should stick to your old hardware, unless you are having issues with it or it is broken. :wink:
Cheers Matt


That was the same case for me. I had an iPad Pro 9.7” 2016 model . It was lagging way too much. So I bough the M2 IPad and it runs buttery smooth.


I bought the m1 ipad pro 8g and works great most of the time. Extruding text, especially cursive like in the pic uses 90-100% of the ipads memory and visualisation mode also does the same.
The text is only 50cm across (a small signboard) but it maxes out the memory and you have to wait a few seconds as it processes which is a bit annoying.
A coral reef drawing in visualisation mode (with over 7000 objects) uses the same or less memory on the iPad. I would have thought the text should be much simpler to process.

I have an app i use that can monitor resource usage and interesting to watch in in split screen when
Working in Shapr3d
If i had the choice now, i would go with 16gb ram as i do lots of text in my drawings.