Shapr3D access to RAM on M1 ipad pro


I’m considering upgrading the new M1 iPad Pro and trying to decide between the 8GB Ram and 16GB Ram models.

Seeing that Apple restricts access to only 5GB of Ram for most apps on either ipad model it seems the more expensive 16GB would not result in better performance with large models in Shapr. and so, for me, would not be worth the additional cost (my current 256GB model has fare more storage than my needs).

Can you confirm how much Ram Shapr has been granted access to for each of the 1M models.


Not going to confirm the Ram, but More Ram also means you can use more apps running in the backround. So if you jump from Shapr3d to procreate to luma fusion to affinity designer and to Cadmio etc you will definitely notice the difference.

The limit is pr app. They will probably let developers have access to more in the future.


We can’t access more than 5GB yet, but expect to be able to in a few weeks.

What are you currently using ?

Thanks Laci. That’s good to know. Do you happen to know how much extra you will likely be given access to? And how much difference do you expect it will make in model size and speed for Shapr?

As this would be one of the main reasons for deciding between the 8GB and 16GB I’m wanting to know if it will be worth the considerable additional cost of the larger model (roughly 50% extra depending on configuration).

Thanks again

We don’t know yet, but will try to get as much as possible.

It let’s you load bigger models, however you have to keep in mind, the bigger the model, the harder it is on the engine to move it with good framerates, and obviously loading time also increases (though we have improvements in the works on that part). So it’s kind of a trade off.

If you expect to work on big models, and be future proof, definitely go for the 16GB model. If you don’t need it yet, and expect to buy new iPad for example, every 2 years, 8GB might be enough for now. It really depends on your specific use case.

Thanks Laci (and firstly to say it’s Sunday and I’ve had an instant reply!),

You make a good point on the short term vs long term with regular iPad upgrades.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more once you know how much Apple will let you have.


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