New iPad Pro


OMG! I’ve just found the ultimate feature in my idea to be linked to the new Apple :pencil2: With its ability to double tap. I think a feature should be linked to the double tap that doesn’t need further intervention on the screen just like enabling/disabling eraser in Nites that Apple itself did. In this way, lock/unlock the active view would be the best. I had problems with unwanted tilting the active view before the 3rd version of Shapr3D. After that the dev team made some useful solutions via gestures but still it is annoying and I’m forced to tap on the cube to fix the current view. So considering a new feature being activated by double tapping on the new pencil to lock/unlock the active view is in my thoughts the ultimate useful feature. This is also consistent with the insistent of the app to use Apple pencil to draw rather than a viewer.


That is a really good idea. I like the sound of that a lot. :+1:



My vote is for double tap to be configurable with below options:

  1. Disabled
  2. Undo
  3. Lock/unlock a point/line (User selects a point or line and double taps it would lock it if it is unlocked and would unlock it if it is locked.
  4. ?


Unwanted double tapping is reported from many people after using the new pencil so I think having the choice to disable it would be nice but rather than that I think it’s better to use it for non-dangerous doings. Undo/redo is dangerous if unwanted. From other side, in desktop CAD apps you do not touch the screen and risk of unwanted tilting of the active view is not there but here it seems that the app lacks such a feature to lock/unlock the active view.



Double tap on the pencil- screenshot, can’t makes anythings wrong in the drawings. May be more confortable to do it, as push the sides buttons, because no home button .


@@ Again @@ I insist on lock/unlock the active view by double tapping. :slightly_smiling_face: such a feature that is missing in a touchscreen app owing to do precise projects. Not always we work on standard views, so current gesture protection policy of the App doesn’t work and bothers. It’s safe too, in case of unwanted double taps.


Thank you all for your suggestions, great ideas. Keep them coming!
We’re experimenting with a lot of stuff and yes of course you’ll be able to disable it. I think it’s a great feature but there are definitely “mistaps” sometimes and it can be interruptive.


Currently the working screen sounds to me as slippery, unstable and unsteady!


I meant the working space of Shapr3D since it can’t be locked :lock:


Yes you’re right, it has nothing to do with the landscape/portrait mode of the iPad screen. It’s within the nature of Shapr3D screen.


This is interesting. Palm cancellation works on the OS level, but it would be great to understand the situations where your fingers get in the way. Then we can try to improve palm cancellation in those situations.


@roboticshobbyist thanks for the illustration! I was hesitating what to say! It’s a bit hard to convey.
Yes, especially when you are working with a model that is not oriented in standard views but placed in sth between like the model shown below. Also when I zoom or try to rotate the model even after double tapping on the curved surface to have the grid on top, zooming or rotating sometimes will cause pretty slight rotations of the cube without your awareness(say 1 or 2 or 3 degrees, etc.) and this happens while you used to make yourself confident of fixing the view on the desired location of model but actually you’re doing wrong! This caused me to be somewhat obsessed to reset the cube after any rotation or zooming. So what’s the insistent not to consider a very regular lockView button to the screen?!


Look at the cube and non-standard orientation of the view


I am the original and continuous user of Shapr3D from its very first version and days of release till now, of course the app had many improvements with respect to the second version and I am pretty happy with that, many problems were resolved and I’m happy with all of them but some remain and the uncertain screen is among them.


The below concept would be a good, no noisy configuration for locking the view whether it’s going to be linked to the pencil double tapping or not. It seems fundamental to me. Simple and illustrative.


Yes, sure, lock icon :lock: is enough. If you tap on it you’ll unlock and with retapping you’ll lock again. Also, I am afraid of accidental double tapping. I double tapped about 3 times during last 10 days I can remember.


Unit settings is going to be moved from the cube to below the cube. The current location is too hidden. We are turning the grid size (#0.1mm) to a button, where you can set it. Also a lock icon is going to appear next to it, when it’s locked.


:+1: Nice :hugs:but look after the screen not to become noisy


Always! :slight_smile:


A glance at workspaces for Shapr3D would reveal some degree of noisiness during sketching (for example see below), it’d be also nice to hide on/off measuments and constraints symbols upon user request by double tapping on pencil :pencil2: it’s safe too! I can’t think anybody would request to disable double tapping in this way too​:smile::hugs: