New iPad Pro


We agree with you on sketches become noisy with constraints sometimes, we have a concept for that, but we’re not sure if we go in this direction:


Wow! What a magical menu :smile: like it! But constraints and measurements are things that needed more regularly and somewhat immediately, i.e you should know the the exact measurement just the milliseconds you wish and then probably turn it off to continue. I usually work with three angles and two constraints at a “single point”, so those make that noisy, and sth like double tapping would be such an immediate solution to that or a direct button on the screen (which I think makes the screen itself noisy and also is not an immediate one compared to the double tap effect).


If we have this “hide constraint badges” option it’s not hard to place it on the double tap on pencil in the user settings.


Thanks! Give it a look! :eyes: below
Can’t think of doing a two step process to reveal/hide measurements/constraints, need them quickly.
Also, I think the middle left menu(or right), more limits the boundaries of the screen :tv: it can be placed easily at the middle bottom.


The 2 sided menu covers a lot of space from the screen, we are aware of that. That’s why we have an other version as well, where only one side is used (as today). Primitives would be there by default, and when an edge is selected the constraint menu would be activated and it would take the primitives’ place.


Got it though I meant the current configuration (the middle left) is limiting the screen!!! Anyway wish you best of luck guys.


Oh wow that is great to hear. I am even more eager to upgrade now and test out the new performance :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for the feedback!!


To disable pencil might also be a good option to apply for double tapping. Sometimes I need to inspect with pencil some parts of my designs and I do it with charging cap in an inverted manner. .


Another great idea to save time and effort is enabling double tapping on pencil to turn on/off sketches or groups. It is time and energy consuming to open a menu like groups every time for a small task like turn on/off. See below as an example. Upon one tapping by pencil tip on a surface it’ll be highlighted in blue and then by double tapping on pencil body it’ll get on/off status.


I also like the idea of being able to de-clutter by being able to hide the dimensions etc when needed but it would also help if we could have the option of just having the tool icons without their badges. Once you are familiar with the tools no need for their badges.


In response to the original question of what function for the pencil double tap I would vote for reorientation the grid back to the XY whilst maintaining the current view. Or more generally options around jumping back and forth between views.

Any chance that we could be given a menu of options to pick from for the double tap. Could be expanded over time as the ideas come in.


May be wrong place.
But i like to ask the 3.generation ipad pro owners experince about the glass screenprotector.
I have used on my older 9,7” pro without problems in the sensivity, but read that some problems with the 3.generations. I like to save my new 12,9
Thanks in advance.


I don’t have a screen protector on my 11”. So I can’t really comment.

I do have a screen protector and case on my iPhone XS Plus which, relative to the iPad, really takes a beating.

Why do you feel you need a screen protector on your iPad?




Hi Tommy

I like to save my gadgets in good shape, easyer to sell when i like to change it. I sold my old ipadpro 50% price as i bought.
The glass protector is good aganist the scratches,
but how is the pencil sensitivity?


I don’t mind protecting my iPad screen. Neither the former 12.9” nor the current 10.5” one. Though I know will probably sell it in a considerable lower cost. I want to see its beauty and touch its slenderness. After all, I used the device much, so the price will be down too!


I would love some view control …or maybe a control preferences pane to customize based on the project or how an individual is drawing in the environment. i.e.: make it customizable because I’ve seen a lot of different approaches and workflows to addressing common functions in Shapr3D

EDIT: oh. the new 2018 iPad + Pencil 2 doesn’t play well with a screen protector + Shapr3D. I dealt will a lot of issues 1st week and have since ripped off my screen protector. Bought apple care instead. But net net a smarter move because I have the 1TB model with should carry 6GB memory. Not a cheap tablet, but I haven’t owned one since the original iPad


Thanks for your info .
May be i will take chance with extra thin (0.15mm) glass, because the care is not deal for me unfortunetly.


Inspiring! The iPad Pro is really a wonderful machine!