New release: 0.2.12

We haven’t noticed anything like this, do you experience the problem after restarting the app? What did you do before you noticed the issue?

Didn’t do anything. Just started a new drawing to play around with it. Maybe I need to start it again since I am getting some weird things happening. Like offset is going outside the solid, not inside!

That’s really strange, I will double check it.

Does it work? I couldn’t reproduce

How do I restart the app? Last time I deleted and reloaded it, but that loses the files.

Thank you

Press the home button twice and swipe it up

All is good now. I’ll remember how to restart it now and try that before bothering you next time.

Try this and see if you get the strange thing I do. Start by resetting the camera and drawing on the “bottom”. Draw a circle, extrude it into a cylinder. Now double tap on the end face and select offset and see what happens. Mine offsets the circle “negative” (outside the solid), then disappears. I can type it in positive and that works fine.

Interesting that you mention this - I have seen this with earlier versions of shapr but it seems OK now. However, I find that offset works better if you are viewing the surface from a slight angle rather than top down. Doing it after double tapping the surface does seem to give odd resultes. I guess it should work either way!

Looking into this…

Edit: great, fixed, will be included in the next release, thanks for the report.