New scale tool

I find the new scale tool to be most inconvenient! Often what one is doing is duplicating, moving and scaling and the new tool requires many more jumps through menu hoops to go back and forth btwn scale and move.
Much appreciate your work to keep improving the app but this one doesn’t seem helpful.

While fully appreciating your frustration, due to the disturbance to a well established workflow, IMHO the new Scale Tool is much nicer to use.
Also I am grateful for the reduction in ‘busyness’ to the Move/Rotate Tool.
Adding the positives makes it a winner for me.

Hoping you find a suitable route to regain a satisfactory workflow.

I highly agree, it used to be so simple to just scale a part while it’s selected, and now I have to go into the menu, and reselect everything, and then scale it.

The more Updates Shapr3D releases, the more I’m going to hold off on updating.

Its like with every 5 awesome things an update brings, it bring along 10 worse ones.

For me it’s the fact that scaling by percentage alone is not terribly accurate. Usually I need to know the precise mm/in/ft/etc something is being scaled up in real time.