New version: 0.2.2

In a few hours we are going to upload a new release with the following changes:

  1. vastly improved pencil handling! Let us know how it works for you.
  2. after hours of debugging we fixed a crash in the sketching algorithm. Must have been very annoying, we are sorry about that. :frowning:
  3. fixed lots of bugs in undo/redo
  4. fixed a bug that could cause crashes during editing sketches
  5. fixed a bug that resulted duplication of curves in your sketch when you were dragging points
  6. lots of improvements in the circle/line detection algorithm
  7. now you can set the value of chamfers and fillets
  8. fixed some nasty crashes in the freeform surface tool, but it is still very experimental
  9. fixed a bug that made the app unresponsive when using the freeform surface tool
  10. we improved the grid! Looks better, works better. Yay!
  11. when you selected a yellow label to set a value, in many cases it said “Length” despite you were setting the value of a radius of a circle, or height of an extrusion etc. Now it displays proper names.
  12. sometimes the yellow labels remained on the screen when they were invalid. Now they properly disappear.
  13. when the result of a face pulling operation should erased the entire shape, the preview shape stayed in the workspace. We fixed this!

Coming next week:
-ortho view
-improvements in the freeform surface tool
-use images
-whatever you need :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it!

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Nice! Looks good to me :wink:

Great update - really like the ability to set chamfer size with the keypad. Looking forward to the release with the ability to copy and paste and use of reference images. I think you have a great app and it will be of great interest to digital artists aswell as engineers. I am looking to output screenshots of my models and load into Procreate to add textures and colour. Would be great to be able to output a screenshot on a transparent background.

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Doesn’t the built in screenshot work for you? Home+power button?

Yes - screen shot works just fine - see below - but not quite what I would like for use in a digital painting program. The second image is the same model loaded into i3D Viewer, and app for viewing stl files. This app gives an option to output an image with a variety of backgrounds (however not a trasparent background). The third image is the output from i3D Viewer loaded into Procreate. I added a wood texture layer and by selecting the right blend mode, was able to get this texture to apply to the object and not to the background. This all works well, but it would be better if there was an option to render the object with a transparent background and save it to the ipad photo album as a png file. This would then load into Procreate and retain transparency. This would then enable me to put the object onto a photo background - add shadow etc and I think the resulte would be really good. Anyway, would be interesting to see if others would find this functionality useful - it might just be me!

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Sorry - seem to have got the images in the last post in the wrong order, but I am sure you can work it out!

Doing this would not be hard, we will consider it. But we will definitely not going to add advanced rendering. At least not for a while. But exporting the current view without the grid with transparent background, well, maybe. Not in the next two weeks I think, but we will see.

Yes - that seems reasonable. It makes sense to concentrate on the modelling tools first. I can always continue to output the stl file to another app to render it. Many thanks

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