Is there any problem?

If you’ve encountered anything that you don’t like: feel free to post it here.

Hi, I’d like to suggest a control for pencil pressure. I noticed from Istvan’s last email that some people had issues starting a sketch; I also found the amount of pressure needed a little on the high side. I’ve used another app with the ability to adjust pencil pressure (I don’t think you can do this from outside of an application?) and it made a significant difference to ability to draw.

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First off I am very impressed with what I seen so far. Thanks

One problem, I don’t seem to be able to import like in second video, only export. Am I missing something? Could you go into detail as to how to import STEP & IGES files.

Importing is not a problem. Just download a file and save it. I am using the Readdle app Documents. When you click on the file you can then click on the share icon and choose Shapr3D. That’s it.

Hope that helps…


Yeah thats a quite common issue. Actually we spent a lot of time with fine tuning the “click detection” but it seems it will need some more work. Probably a little bit lower pressure value, and better visual feedback should do the job.


Freeform surface crashes every time - I’m pretty sure I’m following the instructions correctly. Any kind of diagnostic info you guys would like?

Also, is there a way to copy/paste? Am I missing something obvious? If no, should I add to the wish list thread?

Update: to copy/paste use the transform tool and press the copy button.

If you could send a screencast of the crash that would be very very helpful. The next release will contain tons of improvements in the freeform surface tool.
You can not copy paste yet, copying will be included in one of the next few releases.

Trying to fillet that edge leads to a crash.

If you can send the model exported to STEP, it could help, but we will look into that anyway. We know about some issues with the fillet algorithm, that will be fixed in the upcoming weeks.

Ps.: I <3 your model

Did a revolve, adjusted to 180 degrees, drew a spline on it, extruded, could not bevel edge, so I deleted the face, it in turn deleted the face and the depth/extruded edge faces too. That led me to believe I could select the edges and extrude/extend them but I can’t find a way to yet.

Also, it crashed if I tried to shell or thicken the revolve (even before drawing the spline on it)


Currently you can not delete parts (features) of your shapes. What do you mean by extrude/extend edges? On the grid you can extrude edges, but if they are on a face you can’t. Should we change that?

I can’t seem to work out how to import? The tutorial video shows the import menu but can’t see where it’s coming from. The only options I have in that top right corner are export and workspaces. Loving the app though, so much faster working on here than on my laptop.

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Hey, if you have saved your file e.g. in Dropbox go there and select that file and use the system wide share menu. There should be Shapr3D. Select it and the file should be imported in the app.


Ah I see. Cheers for the quick response. Do you know if there’s any way to import say a flat vector shape so that it could then be extruded in Shapr3d?

Yes there is. You can import planar curves from IGES or STEP, and use them as they were created in the app.

Hi, I was unable to sketch a line with the Apple Pencil. Is there any setting I need to turn on? Anybody having the same problem with me? Please help. Thanks.

Have you seen the tutorial videos? You probably don’t apply enough pressure.

Hi thanks for reply.

Yes I did. I don’t think it’s due to whether applying enough pressures or not because it works with other commands with the same pressure I applied.

What should I do next, as I have paid but the app doesn’t not function.