New version: 1.2

Meet the brand new Shapr3D. We have completely redesigned our Pencil interaction - let us know what you think.

New feature:

  • no more pressure! Just sketch with the pencil - just like you would do it on paper
  • press and drag to extrude or fillet
  • better tutorial video for the freeform surface tool

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • huge improvements in the sketch filling algorithm
  • improved calculation of complex fillets
  • now you can close an arc after you created it
  • we have reimplemented the offset algorithm, it is much more robust and precise
  • fixed an issue that caused wrong camera orienations when double tapping on the grid
  • in some rare cases lengths of lines were not displayed
  • fixed a crash in the mirror tool
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Now it solved the mystery why everywhere I put the pencil i just started sketching :joy: … and why i didn’t know how to extrude anymore :sweat_smile:

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Did you skip the what’s new carousel?:((

Now I did. It was on automatic update, and didn’t know I had a new version… and thought it was just a bug, as I updated IOS recently. But now I’m OK :slight_smile: