New version: 1.0.1

This release includes lots of bugfixes.
Fixed an issue that

  • could cause the app hanging/crashing when adding some kind of sketches to faces
  • caused crashes when editing lines on faces in some cases
  • casued crashes when editing splines on faces in some cases
  • disabled undo after importing files
  • caused crashes when editing curves on the grid in some cases
  • caused crashes when editing arcs the grid
  • could cause some edges disappear during editing other curves on the grid
  • broke the undo functionality in some cases
  • broke the undo functionality after cancelling the freeform surface tool
  • caused duplication of curves after extruding them to 0.0 height
  • could cause crashes when editing some kind of curves on the grid
  • could cause crashes when transforming sketches
  • could cause crashes when copying shapes
  • could cause crashes in the revolve tool
  • caused crashes in some cases in the freeform surface tool
  • caused 10+ crashes in filleting
  • caused 10+ crashes in face pulling/extruding
  • made boolean operations fail in some cases

We have just uploaded the new build to the App Store, it will be available, when the review is ready (few days, maybe less.)

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Looks like it is online and it is the first app under “Best New Apps”. Great to see it right on the front page of the App Store!

you guys are awesome!

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