New version: 1.2.4

We have just uploaded a new build to the App Store, now it is waiting for review. In 2-3 days it will be available to download. This version contains lots of new features and even more bugfixes!

New features:

  • now you can select multiple edges to fillet/chamfer, or multiple faces to extrude
  • now we display useful information about the selected objects (length, area, distances)
  • under the camera menu now we always display the current grid spacing
  • we have optimized the heck out of our render engine, now even the most complex models will run at 60 frames per second
  • we added an import button into the app! Open your workspaces, and use the import button next to the new workspace button to import STEP, IGES and SHAPR files.


  • fixed an issue that prevented using Shapr with huge (1000+ size) objects. On big zoom levels, objects disappeared.
  • one hundred gazillion bugfixes in the sketch filling engine. Now the autofill should work like a charm.
  • fixed an issue that prevented the cancellation of fillets in some cases
  • lots of general performance improvements
  • now only the visible parts of your workspace are exported
  • performance improvements when working with lots of sketches

Great! Looking forward to the new version.

Keep up the excellent work on this awesome app.


Looks good. Can’t wait for the update.

Here is a little sneak peek (enable subtitles):

You’ve read my mind! I was thinking yesterday it would be good to export only visible objects. Also like look of multiselect. Handling lots of objects will be great - tank tracks? Many thanks to all of you at Shapr. Andy

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The new version is live, get it from the App Store! Yay! Champagne and stuff! :champagne::champagne::champagne:





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Multi select is fantastic! Much faster when filleting lots of edges.


THIS MULTI-SELECT tool is simply AWESOME ! …What about a link to upload to SketchFab ?