New version: 1.2.7

This is the last - minor - release before 2.0, it contains some bugfixes. Enjoy!

  • When moving a shape or sketch around, you only see the direction/rotation arrows that actually make sense based on your camera position.

  • In order to prevent accidentally scaling your objects by an undesirably large number we limited the scaling factor to 1000 when you use the Pencil. You can of course still set any value by hand if you wish to though.

  • Fixed a bug where the app could crash when moving a shape in ortho camera mode.

  • Fixed a very rare issue where you could lose part of your workspace after closing the app.

  • Fixed some layout issues caused by iOS 10.

  • Fixed an issue where you had to import a file from outside the app twice.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t tap the Rate App button in the Account view no matter how hard you tried. If you like the app we would appreciate it if you tried again :slight_smile:

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