New version: 2.0.1


That could work, you could even run them along the side of the keypad if you wanted to keep them grouped somehow
But in all honesty the value of using the pen is that you have the freedom to use the other hand for other functions
You have already opened that door in how the menus options along the side behave
Being ambidextrous maybe this comes more naturally (and thank you very much for having the option of flipping the menus to either side)
But think what we’re talking about is what use to be called "Chording"
One finger, two fingers, would allow different shortcuts
That all might become to overloaded but it is just a thought seeing that again seeing that you have already implemented such thinking in the interface
Again thanks for all the work Shapr is the first app we open before getting out of bed and it’s the last one we use before going to bed
It has become indispensable to us! :slight_smile:


Hi Istvan. Is there a way I can check which version I am using? Not sure if I am still on a testflight version or whether I am on 2.0.1. Thanks. Andy


If you open Shapr in the app store, and you see “install” or “update” then just tap it :slight_smile:


Actually we did experiment with smart multitouch + Pencil gestures before a lot. The problem is, that most people lack the dexterity to use them. Eg. the version of Shapr was based on multitouch exclusively (no pencil), and it didn’t really work because people were not able to perform those medium complexity gestures that we were experimenting with. For example, to extrude, you had to double tap and drag a face. 7 out of 10 people were not able to do so. And when we got to the two handed gestures… Well, basically most of the people failed. That was extremely surprising for me, as I used to play the guitar for 10 years, and I suppose my hands are smarter than the average, probably this is why I thought that two handed and multitouch gestures will be easy for everyone :slight_smile:


I teach Pilates so am quite often faced with people’s lack of proprioception
Happy to know you at least investigated, in time as we move away from analog media people might become more functional with both hands and dexterity
Like cultures that have multitonal languages, the people develop perfect pitch (at least this is what we’ve been told" :slight_smile:
Pencil just died so guess it’s time to sleep
Enjoy your day!


Not sure if you would rather have us starting in new threads or keeping it all together here is optimal
The behavior in the past of duplicating an object is that if a layer was highlighted the new object was created on that layer
This no longer seems to be the default actction
Was this a conscious choice or is it a bug?


Hm, interesting. New objects should always go the the active group. That’s probably a bug, we will check.


Much appreciated :slight_smile:


how can i draw a spiral inside a shell and extrude it?


Currently we don’t support 3d curves, but we will add them together with surfacing, hopefully in a few months.