New version: 2.0.3

This release contains lots of bugfixes, and new version of the geometry kernel (OpenCASCADE). For you this means that many operations are much more robust now, especially the shell tool now works like a charm even for really complex objects. Also, boolean operations have been vastly improved, and performance and reliability in general.

The next version (2.0.4) is already on it’s way to the App Store, with even more bugfixes :slight_smile:

Can’t thank you enough
Hard to explain how much we have come to depend on Shapr
When it’s not working well everything kind of grinds to a halt! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the inconvenience, that was a big step forward, and big steps unevitably come with some problems, but we are working really hard to fix all the issues ASAP. The app store review process does not help however to deploy the fixes quickly :frowning:

Just getting a chance to check things out quickly
The legacy lines left when extruding, will those be automatically removed in the next update?
When trying to delete them manually the whole object is deleted
And again it just makes for a busy looking model when there are random lines all over the place

Can you send me the problematic workspace please?

Oh, you mean after extruding a face of the existing shape, right? No that will take some time to fix, few days maybe.

Yes that is the issue
No rush, just wanted to know if it was a design feature that was escaping us! :slight_smile:

Once fixed is there any chance that the fix will remove the line from previous objects, or can they manually be deleted, or would we have to start from scratch?

We have some very exciting things in the pipeline for that :slight_smile: Maybe you will be able to do even more :wink:

More is always fun! :slight_smile: