New version 3.23 released - DWG import Spline bug fixed

We have released version 3.23 and it’s live on the App Store. The update comes with the fix for DWG import failures for certain Splines. Thanks for sending in all your feedback and please keep them coming.

The new version also contains a lot of bug and app crash fixes.

Happy Modeling!


Just visited the Store, via my iPad, and there is no offer of an Update above 3.22.0 (103240) already running here.
Would the fact that my iPad is running iPadOS BETA impact on this situation?

That might be the situation - I’m running iPadOS 13, and I can see the 3.23 version

Visited the App Store and again and typed in shapr3d the page for similar software opened and for the first time ever S3D was in it’s rightful position at the top left but the key link said ‘OPEN’.

Following the new system:
Hit Personal Icon top right > opens your Account in a pop up window > on this visit there was no ‘Updates’ area visible but of course the ‘Updated Recently’ area was on view.

However as you reported the S3D Update is available the only route untried was to open the S3D page as if interested in learning more about it.
The ‘OPEN’ link was still showing. Scrolled down the page, because I was now right out of things to try.
Back to the top and ‘OPEN’ had changed to ‘UPDATE’. Noted that the Version History still shows ‘1d ago’ and given the timing of my first attempt, that failure could have been because the bird was too early/eager for the worm?
But is sure does not explain todays scenario.

Thanks for your input it had the desired effect :sunglasses:

I did of course and now have the latest and greatest on my iPad.