Outputting basic drawings in A3 for manufacturing

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing

Hi guys,

Very new to this app. It looks very promising for my work which is in the architectural industry, designing, fabricating and installs Facade Systems.

In this field I need to be able to sketch up bracket designs and connections to the various buildings rapidly and then send then them off to both engineers for calculation/confirmation and then send working / fabrication drawings.

This is just a minor example of uses at this stage. It has so much potential.

So my question: Can I provide dimensioned drawings out of this app, suitable for manufacturing components without having to access a laptop/desktop program just to create the layout drawings?

If there is already an existing video or demo that shows this, could you please post the link?

Many thanks


Hi Craig,

Glad that you like the app so far. Unfortunately the feature you mention is not yet available.

What you can do however is

  • use other apps or the built in markup tool of the iOS after taking a screenshot

  • Dimensionally constraint all your lines, arcs and create a hardware screenshot. See picture
    These are workaround options, until we have something developed for this specifically.

Cheers Daniel…

I think I am best to export to AutoCad for mobile app to create the drawings required seeing as I have the templates already…

I have tried exporting a couple of files but it won’t pick them up or open them… mildly frustrating but I’m sure I there…

This app has so much potential… keep at it guys. You are entering a field that the others seem to be steering clear of. I use Fusion 360 intermittently as it has awesome 3D design qualities similar to Shapr3D only its on my laptop… to be able to use iPad Pro is an amazing prospect. Dragging a laptop around Construction Sites has its issues.

Regarding Tutorials, other cad producers sometimes take a project and do a YouTube discussion / simulation on best practice of how to create that design ( not too complex ) and this helps lead us newbies through the processes.

Building a new app like this is challenging but if you help lead us through it until we are competent, you have guaranteed your market because we are more likely to stick with it and grow with your product.

I am a classic example. I have been using Archicad ( graphisoft ) since version 6 and it is now at version 20. I have enormous difficulty in changing to autocad products because my mindset is stuck with archicad methodology and I’m unwilling to waste a year of my time re learning another product.

Make it easy for us to learn and we will back you :+1:

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Hi Craig - thanks for the feedback - we will do our best :).

If you have a problem with a file, and you can share please send it to support@shapr3d.com We will look into it.

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing