No "Done" button using Boolean Subtract

When I try doing a boolean Subtract, I do not get a “Done” button.
I do get a “Done” button with Intersect and Union.


Hello - please check if you haven’t already subtracted the part before (move it away and back). If that is the case, Done button is not shown as there is no common part of the bodies.

It might be the case that you have kept the Removed Bodies (default setting at the moment). You don’t see the subtracted result because it is covered by the kept Removed Bodies

Before Subtract

During Subtract (Note the Keep Originals option set to Removed Bodies)

After Subtract (Note the kept Removed body and the created edges compared to the original state)

After moved

No that’s not the case.
The “Done” button is never displayed for Subtraction.
It is displayed for Union and Intersect.

The “subtraction” does not get a chance to be completed regardless of what mode I set the Subtract to or which objects are selected or how they are selected.

Can you please upload the workspace (in .shapr format) or send it to and I’ll take a look. From the picture it seems like there is nothing to subtract (so no Done button), as there is no common part.

email sent

Got it - checked. The problem is that there is no common part of these bodies.

Moved them away - they perfectly fit around the pipe, no common part


As soon as they have a common part (moved the surrounding body into the pipe), Done button is shown.

I did my extrude wrong when making those two objects.
Thank you!


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