No Opacity On Import

I notice sometimes there is no opacity control when I import into Shapr3D. What is the trick to get that to show up on import? It works sometimes on iPad but I don’t recall it ever working on the Mac. How can you adjust opacity after import?

I use that feature quite a bit

I am running

  • iPad: v3.59.0 (837) #cfa8edb9
  • Mac: Version 3.60.1 (930)

Mac Example

iPad Example


Thanks, we will investigate.

You can always adjust opacity from the items bar even on mac, as a workaround.


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Awesome… If it is that easy I don’t even care about the import time adjustment.

It should work, so we will check it anyway :slight_smile:

I am not sure if it is related but interestingly the image came in upside down on the iPad which I don’t recall seeing that happen before.

Fix for the opacity will come in the next release.

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