Non uniform radius

I would like to radius an edge that starts with a radius on one end, but ends with a different radius or a no radius as all. How do I do that?

Hi, a workaround can be to create two bodies with different radiuses for the edges.
Afterward put the bodies together and with the Union tool make them a single body.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I can’t make a video of something I don’t know how to make. I’m trying to create a variable radius fillet. Is there this function in Shapr3D, or a way to do this besides lofting? Typically, in other applications, it would simply be entering a starting radius and an ending radius while using a radius or a fillet tool.

The app currently deos not have this feature.
I was trying to proffer a workaround based on how I understood your question above in this thread.

Understood. Thank you Victor.


Is this what you have in mind?
If so, I used a larger radius at one end of the rectangle body and a smaller radius at the other end. I hid the body and used the LOFT tool to create the ‘negative’ space of the radius (the outer triangle so to speak). I then subtracted that variable radius’d triangular body from the rectangle body.
Let me know if you need further explanation.


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Thank you Mike. Appreciated!