Non uniform radius

I would like to radius an edge that starts with a radius on one end, but ends with a different radius or a no radius as all. How do I do that?

Hi, a workaround can be to create two bodies with different radiuses for the edges.
Afterward put the bodies together and with the Union tool make them a single body.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I can’t make a video of something I don’t know how to make. I’m trying to create a variable radius fillet. Is there this function in Shapr3D, or a way to do this besides lofting? Typically, in other applications, it would simply be entering a starting radius and an ending radius while using a radius or a fillet tool.

The app currently deos not have this feature.
I was trying to proffer a workaround based on how I understood your question above in this thread.

Understood. Thank you Victor.


Is this what you have in mind?
If so, I used a larger radius at one end of the rectangle body and a smaller radius at the other end. I hid the body and used the LOFT tool to create the ‘negative’ space of the radius (the outer triangle so to speak). I then subtracted that variable radius’d triangular body from the rectangle body.
Let me know if you need further explanation.



Thank you Mike. Appreciated!

Hi @TigerMike , Any ideas on how to create this non uniform radius following the curve? Thanks in advance. I get an error message when I try the loft tool.

I tried Loft and also got an error message. The only way I could make something work is to use Sweep and scaling down one end followed by a subtract.


Grrreat solution, @TigerMike !

For some reason, when I try to scale down the end, I get the message “Edge transform failed.” @TigerMike

Interesting. I’ll give it a try. Thanks so much @TigerMike

Although I tested the suggestions and it works quite well, it’s not what I after I’m afraid. The reason is that the shapes of the arcs are different from each other.

Hello, Any ideas on how to loft this? What am I missing?

For starters, your guide lines NEED to intersect with the upper and lower sketches at the appropriate corners. If there is any chance of making it work, the circled upper right corner needs the guide line attached to the lower sketch where circled. Also that rear middle guide line serves no purpose.

If you can’t get it made via the Loft, then I suggest just create the geometry mechanically by extrusion, sweep, scale, subtract and non-uniform scale.

Thank you for the suggestion @TigerMike
Here is another example of what I’m trying to achieve:

Non uniform radius.shapr (11.3 KB)

Here is what I’m after. What you see in the picture is made by a friend in Top Solid.
I’d love to find a way to do it in Shapr3D.

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