Non-uniform scaling?

Ive been trying to track down non uniform scaling, so scale on X, or Y or Z, or combination of the two/three ( object level). when i go in scale i just have a widget for scaling the whole object at once, is this a limitation or am i missing it maybe?. sometimes id like to scale width, height independently .


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Type, into the Search [Magnifying Glass Icon] facility at top right of every Forum page, Non-uniform scaling and you will find the answer and some suggestions for workarounds.

Hi Max, to scale the width and height independently you can tap on a face to select it and then drag the arrows to scale( you can also tap on the dimension label to input a number)

There is currently no dedicated non-uniform scaling feature in the app.

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This should be a standard feature! I just upgraded to the (overpriced) professional version, hoping this feature would appear. I am trying to shrink the top part of this model on the xy axis only. This should be an easy operation…it is standard in every other cad program on the market. For $260 a year, I expect this feature. :frowning_face:

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Which part/area are you trying to shrink? It might be simpler than you think

Thank you for your quick reply.

I am trying to adjust the diameter of this threaded part of the cap to give it a little gap. I’m using my FDM printer, so it’s not as precise as my SLA printer. I usually shrink the diameter of the threaded part about 2% and it will print just fine.

if I decrease the size of the entire threaded male part, it will not allow me to stretch it vertically. I have tried getting a side view and using the scale function, and this does not work. Resizing the entire threaded part on the XYZ axis does not work.

Thank you in advance for your help!

I too have 3D printed nuts and bolts on my FDM machine. I can see where scaling in one direction would help but it is not ideal for true uniform clearance. My solution was to create the male and female threads separately with a pre-determined clearance on my part. Here’s a Youtube video I shared with others here on a different yet related thread (pun intended).

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Nicely done, @TigerMike! Thanks so much for taking the time.

I also found another way. I created the threads for the bolt, then selected the two angled surfaces and was able to push them in towards the center of the bolt. I’ll make a little video later. Used with the section function, and a section plane through the middle of both parts, I was able to adjust the spacing. I then used the fillet function to ease the edges a bit. The part works perfectly. It’s even a little loose with a 0.3mm spacing…I’ll print another with 0.15 spacing later today.

These are wall brackets to mount a series of bamboo plates to my wall for sound reflection.


Yes, please share the other method you used to achieve what you were trying to accomplish. I’d like to see what you’ve done.

I’m trying to do this now and the lack of this non uniform scale basically means i can’t build what should be a really simple model. It seems crazy a non uniform scale to sketches or line work is not a function or is simply not possible. Such a fundamental requirement. Any plans to implement?

Hi Greg,

We are actively working on Non-uniform scale. If it goes as planned you will be able to try it in the upcoming release in about 2 weeks :crossed_fingers:


Hi all,

Following up on Alex’s post, non-uniform scaling has arrived with version 5.180. Make sure your app is updated to at least this version, and also if you can, let us know whether or not you find it useful.

All the best

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