NURBS support for Iges

Hey Guys! I’m part of a huge Fiber laser owner’s group, and many of us use a Laser tube cutter. Shapr 3d is by far the easiest way to design tube geometries, however, the software for laser cutters requires files to be exported with NURBS. This is not something that is negotiable apparently, and it creates an issue, where we must use solidworks to import a file, then export it from solidworks, with NURBS enabled. Solidworks is well above the price range of most smaller users, so some people use a cracked version, to use it as a file converter. Some Use an educational version, others, will simply use their copy to convert for other members.

Any way you slice it, it’s horribly inconvenient.

is there any way that Shapr could support NURBS?

The software tens of thousands of laser owners are using, is made By Friendess. It’s called CypTube, or Tube Pro. These are two different versions, made by the same company.

I’ve been spreading the word of Shapr3D to anyone who will listen, but the omission of this feature, makes it a “No Go” for most.

Solidworks, and I believe Inventor, are the only two who seem to properly support this feature.

How hard would it be to include it?

Love the app… use it every day!

As I understand it, most cutting programs support dxf format, I use Lightburn and it works perfectly with dxf.
But it probably is different with a Laser tube cutter.


You are Correct. MOST laser cutting software accepts SVG, DXF, AI, and EPS. A fiber laser can use all of these for 2D cutting, but Unfortunately, the multi-axis, industrial lasers are a lot different than Hobby Co2 lasers.

I currently use Vectric Aspire, Lightburn, Illustrator, and Shapr.

I’ve been with Lightburn since the earliest days. While it’s awesome for co2 lasers, it does not work with Fiber lasers. 2 completely different technologies. Tube cutters use IGES, as a tube file is a 3d object with surfaces. it’s the only file format they accept. And NURBS is the big pre-requisite for the cut software.

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Interesting reading, thanks for sharing :+1:t2: