Maybe this was obvious to everyone else but…I figured out how to make threaded parts: download models from McMaster-Carr and cut them up.


:joy: best way atm :joy:

I like the idea. But can’t find any downloads for models on their site.
Cheers PeteM

Find any part you like (almost) and go to Product Details. Downloads in many formats. I can’t believe how many models they have.

Nice. The body path and the screw!

I was downloading screws alone, but the insert scaled is brilliant.

Nice web site. But they have only imperial units? Do you know if somewhere if metric units?

You can choose the metric on the left side

Thanks, much easier to me. :+1:

That is brilliant.
Thanks. What great find. I have downloaded a couple bolts and work great. I used the step file. Is that the best option?

Hi, STEP files work great with the app and you can further edit and adjust the file.

You have to go down to the part number of the exact bolt then it opens up to a 2d drawing upper right hand corner is the button for download and any format you want works I used step into shapr3d make a file folder in iPad shapr3d and you are all set