Shapr3d to Morpholio trace - No export colours

I am trying to export my shapr3d file to morpholio trace which works fine as an OBJ file. however, it does not export the colours in the shapr file. I drag it over to morpholio and it is just the white model with no colours. what am I doing wrong here? I have tried to export with colours and it doesn’t work properly. I have tried looking for support online too and cannot find a process for this.

Hi Michael, welcome to the forum!

On the OBJ export window please try exporting the file with the “Include Vertex Colors” option checked as shown below and let’s see if this helps

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I did try this however, it just imported into morpholio as a clear white image.

thank you

Does Morpholio trace support vertex colors?

I do not think it does. On the video tutorial for morpholio trace the Chap just drags and drops and it is there. Not sure what to do. Any suggestions welcome

Anyone have any other options here.