Exporting with colour for direct Sketchfab upload?

-I want to be able to export from Shapr3D and then upload my model directly to Sketchfab.com, without losing all the colour information.

-Does anyone know if there is a way to export from Shapr3D and have the colour information remain?
I don’t like having to recolour the model every time I upload.

Thanks for your help.

I figured it out. I hope this is helpful for others too, since I’ve seen a lot of people posting similar questions about absent colour information after export.

When you are exporting, right after you choose the OBJ export file format, you are given a small selection of options/settings:

-Include hidden items too
-Include mesh bodies
-Save each first level item into seperate files

Immediately below these options, in a teeny tiny font there is a button for “Advanced Options”.
and it magicaly give you the option to INCLUDE VERTEX COLORS Turn that option on.

Congratulations, the colour info should now be retained in your model.

I don’t understand why the option to include the colour info would be hidden like this, or why it would even be considered an advanced option…
…but there you go, problem hopefully solved.

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Thank for sharing how you solved this. I perceive that many of us, are using S3D for 3D printing, in which the color, and many other aspects in the details and advanced options are not required. That said, I’m happy to learn what you’ve shared.