Objects along a spline

I’m trying to create a curved, tiled roof. I’ve sketched a spline/arc and extruded it. And have created individual tiles, is there anyway to place my tile objects evenly at a tangent to the spline?

Currently, I’ve placed them manually and they’re not quite lined up correctly and have gaps preventing me from being able to union them all together.

Welcome to the Forum, your Design looks great :sunglasses::+1:
If your Spline could be replaced by a segment of a Circle you could use:

Tools > Rotate around axis to copy and move them.


Transform > Move/Copy > Place the Centre of the this tool on the axis > Tap the Copy Icon and move them.
To ensure accurate placement, but personally I do not think it will look as good as your achievement.

Looking at your Design suggests that the upper portion of the Spline has less of a curve than the lower portion?
To force a Union you could create a ‘modification’ something like this:

Whatever projection you choose will need to be set back from the visible edge face, not to give the game away.

IMO your tiling is ‘perfect’, show me a picture of a similar roof that is aligned as accurately.
Imperfections in this instance may enhance rather than detract from the overall effect?
Keep up the good work, happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

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Thanks. I’ve ended up going with this, as I need it lofted for 3D printing (making a pagoda roof)

I was able to Union it. Next will be the mitred corners and additional tiles.

I’m just too much of a perfectionist for my own good, I think.

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A man has to do what a man has to do, nothing wrong with aiming for perfection.

Can you lay the tiles 90° from what you have in the drawing?