Ocultar nombres de las herramientas

Hola a todos,
En primer lugar felicitaciones por esta grande aplicación.
Me gustaría poder ocultar los nombres de las herramientas para poder conseguir más espacio de trabajo, yo utilizo un iPad Pro 10,5 y hay momentos en que los nombres no me dejan seleccionar partes del boceto.
Podría haber un botón con el cuál ocultar el texto para maximizar el espacio de trabajo.
También he observado que cuando hacemos grupos con 4 partes de un objeto y lo exportamos a formato STL/.zip, cuando lo descomprimes el archivo .stl es un único objeto. En cambio si deshacemos el grupo al descomprimir el archivo zip obtendremos las cuatro partes por separado. La manera de desagrupar es un poco tediosa ya que tienes que seleccionar una “capa / objeto” y luego sacarlo del grupo así con todas las partes. Podría haber una opción en exportación que sea disolver las capas que tengamos visibles para tener un archivo zip con todos los elementos por separado de ese grupo.
También estaría bien poder seleccionar más de una capa para poderlas sacar del grupo ya que en estos momentos solo puedes seleccionar una capa.
Gracias un cordial saludo.

Hi all,
First of all congratulations for this great application.
I would like to be able to hide the names of the tools to get more workspace, I use an iPad Pro 10.5 and there are times when the names do not let me select parts of the sketch.
There could be a button with which to hide the text to maximize the workspace.
I have also observed that when we make groups with 4 parts of an object and export it to STL / .zip format, when you unzip it, the .stl file is a single object. On the other hand if we undo the group when unzipping the zip file we will obtain the four parts separately. The way to ungroup is a bit tedious since you have to select a “layer / object” and then remove it from the group as well with all the parts. There could be an option in export that is to dissolve the layers that we have visible to have a zip file with all the elements separately from that group.
It would also be nice to be able to select more than one layer to be able to remove them from the group since at this moment you can only select one layer.
Thanks, best regard.

Hello, Currently there’s no “hide” button for the Tools menu bar, it’s best to work with Shapr3d having the iPad orientation in portrait mode. We are aware of the issue with the STL group export and Items menu object grouping.Thank you for your feedback. Our development team is working on a quick fix for these that will be coming soon with our subsequent application update versions.

Will you be doing something to improve the life of your Landscape users? For me, it would be a strange design which would benefit from Portrait mode. After all the Apple Pencil is attached to the Top.

Happy Easter



I make my projects with the ipad pro horizontally (with the home button on the right) as shown in the following image.

#image image image image image

Hello Tommy, my bad. I meant to say that the application is optimized to be used in landscape mode and we are always open to feedback on how to make our customer use journey better.

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Hello David, the application is actually optimized to be used horizontally. I apologize for the initial misinformation and I already passed on your feedback as regards the Tool menu bar to our product team.

Hello Victor
I already understood your answer! there is no misunderstanding. we are here because we love your application and the potential it has and that’s why we throw ideas for improvement, of course if you have an ipad pro of 12.9 you will not have the problem with the workspace compared to me, so please comment on the option hide the names of the icons

a cordial greeting

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