Official tutorial series


As you may know we have been working on a series of tutorials for a long time, and we would like to show you the pilot episode to gather some feedback. We do have some ideas on how to improve it, it needs some polishing and clean-up, but I think it is a good start.

So here it is, 38 minutes, made by the amazing @CEKuhnen who is an industrial design professor in the Wayne State University, and runs his design consulting firm. Let us know what you think.

–deleted the old video, check out the new one –



Hi Istvan. Have just watched the new tutorial - very professional job! I learnt a lot about precision drawing, using guide lines, accurately drawing splines and moving a part to a precise location. The whole process is very clearly presented. I wonder if it would be possible to have something like an arrow appearing on the screen to show when he is clicking on a particular tool or button. I thought when he was using translate and switching off ‘copy’ it would be quite hard to see what he was doing if you were not already very familiar with this tool. I can certainly see that you could have a number of tutorials each using different tools to show how they work. Great job! Andy


Yepp, maybe we should add annotations after the video is created. I think during making the video it could be really annoying to have something on the screen.


Version 2:


Hi Istvan, Version 2 is a nice improvement to V1. It made the process much clearer like in the making of the plug and the fillets. Very well done tutorial and informative. I also wonder if you have any plans for doing any Webinars. I have found that Webinars like what OnShape has been doing very helpfull and would seem to be a perfect fit for Shaper. Just a thought. ~ John


Yes, that’s planned, we just have to make some improvements in the app to do so.


This video tutorial is excellent. Makes the whole design process in Shapr3D so much clearer and gives you an excellent start to use the app.


Excellent video tutorial. There are always different ways of creating the same geometry, so watching how someone else does it is always good.


Excellent professional tutorial, especially the tweaked V2. The design process is very clear I also second carbuilder’s comment it was very helpful to see another persons workflow.


This is the best about tutorials. You can always learn how to do thing differently and that video is excellent. Very easy to follow and to learn!


Here are the first three tutorials. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Very well done and in depth, easy to follow. I like the new placement of learning Icon ~ John


Very very cool! Top notch tutorials. Congrats.


Hi guys, I am happy that you enjoy the videos. I have to see if my screen recording software ScreenFlow 6 allows annotations based on touch and pencil clicks on the iPad. I will let you know.


Have these been moved? Link no longer seems to work. BTW, LOVE Shapr3d! Keep up the good work :wink:


Hi, it seems they have been moved here: